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LOOK AT BEAST BOY AND RAVEN!! Standing next to each other so casually! That’s love! That’s commitment! People don’t just stand next to each other without having obvious romantic attachments!! At least that’s what I told that girl behind me in the line at Starbucks. Her and her pepper spray could not have agreed more!
And these two are just breathing the same air like it’s no big deal! WELL IT’S A HUGE DEAL!!  They’re practically French kissing each others lungs right now! How they can allow such vulgarity on a children’s show, I will never know.
AND LOOK AT THEIR POSTURE!! God, just freaking go at it already! If it was any more suggestive, this would have to be rated X!
THE OTHER TITANS DON’T EVEN CARE!! Look at them; they aren’t even questioning it! Like it’s the most natural thing in the world. They must stand next to each other ALL the time.
Freaking true love. 
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